First Year of Studies

What classes should I take in my first year of studies?

Ready to get started but not sure where to begin? We are happy to suggest a course plan for your studies. We just need to know a few things from you first. Please send us an email that answers the following four questions.

  • Would you like to study acupressure for horses, small animals or both horses and small animals? Let us know where your interest lies. Remember, for those interested in acupressure for both horses and small animals, a Combined Certification for both horses and small animals certification requires only two extra courses. View our course catalog to learn more.

  • How soon do you plan to complete your studies? Do you want to complete your studies in the usual two years or would you like to take more time?


  • What languages do you understand? Many of our students are fluent in several languages. Please tell us your language preferences. Most classes are taught in English with translation into either French or German. All class manuals and materials are available in English, French or German.

  • May we respond to your emails in English? We can read emails sent to us in French or German. If we can respond to your emails in English it allows us to reply more quickly. We are also happy to correspond in French or German; it will just take a day or two extra for our response to be translated.

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