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Where can I access more detailed information about your training program?

For a more detailed description of the classes, diploma requirements, policies and more, check out our course catalog.

Where can I read more detailed information about acupressure and the Five Elements for animals?

For a brief introduction to the healing techniques covered in our training program click here.

To learn more about acupressure and Five Element theory for animals visit the Article section on our web site. We have a series of articles written in an easy to read style, just right for someone just getting started. With a bit of reading you will be eager to learn more!

You can also purchase educational products like our acupressure book for horses (available in German and English) and our acupressure charts (available for horses and dogs in German, French and English).
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We love sharing Five Element acupressure with animals and the people who care for them. So, if you have anything more you want to know, please feel free to email us. We are very happy to help!

Susan Tenney and the Elemental Acupressure crew

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