Introduction to Acupressure

Ok, it all sounds great, but is this class right for me?

Over the past 20 years hundreds of students have taken our introductory acupressure class. Our students come from a broad range of backgrounds, from absolute beginners to seasoned veterinarians. Whether you just want to learn a few points help your animal or you want to get started in your journey studying acupressure as a career, this class is the place to start. This class is loaded with down-to-earth instruction designed to put the power of acupressure at your fingertips.

Absolute beginners: All you need is a love of animals.

Never tried acupressure before? No problem! This is a down to earth class designed to teach you practical skills for everyday situations. Our step-by-step approach is clear and thorough with an emphasis on useful information, skills, and techniques for beginners. If you need hand holding, we are here for you! We offer special online meetings just for beginners so you can get answers to your questions and build your confidence. We are  committed  to making acupressure accessible for ALL animal lovers.

Advanced beginners: ready to explore a bit more?

Maybe you've read about acupressure, seen it practiced by a professional or even tried a point or two you saw in a magazine.  Maybe you got good results but weren't sure if you really found the right points. Our introductory class is full of in-depth information you can sink your teeth into - points, theory, energy work, and more. You'll have thoroughly illustrated diagrams and annotated photographs that you can print out or read on your table. By end of the class you'll be able to use those points with confidence.

Acupressure students: ready to dive in?

Interested to have a career in animal acupressure? This class will give you a rock solid foundation for our professional level training program.

Animal Professionals: looking to expand your skills to include a bit of acupressure?

Veterinarians, trainers, breeders, and other professionals take this course to add an extra tool to their toolkit. You'll learn points for pain relief, relaxation, and digestive health - issues that every professional encounters in their practice.

New to online classes?

Don't worry - we've made it easy! When you sign up for class we'll send you a link to all your class materials. Simply download your class videos and manuals to your computer and you'll be ready to begin. After you've had a chance to review your class materials, contact us to schedule a meeting with your teacher. That's all there is to it! If you run into any technical problems let us know - we are happy to help. We've worked with computer-shy students and we know how to help. We'll get you up and running in no time.

Our introductory online class covers everything you need to get started!

You'll learn:

  • Simple hands-on techniques for doing acupressure safely and effectively
  • Points that cover all the basics from digestive health to back pain to relaxation
  • Guidelines for making acupressure a part of your everyday routine

Video Instruction:

  • Videos showing point location on horses and dogs
  • Videos demonstrating how to use the points in a gentle flowing sequence
  • 4+ hours of video instruction covering acupressure theory and techniques

Class Manuals:

  • Illustrated manual with point information and acupressure guidelines
  • High quality anatomical point location diagrams
  • Two full color point location photo manuals - one for small animals and one for horses
  • Full color photo how-to manual of basic acupressure techniques

Live Participation:

  • An online meeting with your teacher
  • Unlimited participation in our live online study groups

Direct Access to your Instructor:

  • Ready for some feedback on your progress? We are here to help! Send us homework exercises and videos of you practicing acupressure on animals. Your instructor will send back tips and feedback to make sure you stay on track.
We want make sure you feel absolutely comfortable using acupressure with your animal. Our in-depth introduction gives you everything you need to make simple acupressure a part of your animal's life.

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