About Online Classes

I see that your program has a mix of online and hands-on courses. Why do you offer online courses?

Most people’s lives are filled to the brim with obligations and activities. With our new online classes you’ll be able to study and learn at a pace that fits your lifestyle.

Students who have taken our online classes have been very enthusiastic! Many say they prefer this way of learning over the traditional “classroom model. They appreciate the reduced travel time and expenses and are very happy to have a more flexible study schedule.

Students also enjoy being able to view the lectures over an extended period of time. This gives them a chance to integrate the material fully. With each new online class, students add to their personal “resource library of video lectures. Need to review the Metal Element while preparing for a new client? Want to see where acupoint Stomach 36 lies on a dog one more time? No problem, these videos are yours to view online as often as you like.

We love this new way of hosting class. Our students love it too!

I have never taken an online course. How does it work?
It's easy to take an online course! When you register for a course you will receive links to online video lectures, demonstrations and to the online classroom. To participate in the class, you simply click the links. It’s as easy as viewing a web page.
Tell me more about your classes.

Each class includes video lectures and demonstrations, an interactive online discussion group lead by your teacher, an optional hands-on session and homework.

Video lectures and demonstrations:

Class lectures and demos are available to students for online viewing. When you sign up for a course we email you the links to your online videos. We also send you a digital version of the class manual and acupoint photo manuals.

Having your class lectures and demos available online means you can view the videos according to YOUR schedule. For some students that means watching the videos after work so they can have their weekends free. For others it means viewing the videos on the weekend when they have time to dive into their studies without interruption. Being able to create your own study schedule leaves more time free for the rest of your busy life.

Full length classes include 5 to 7 hours of video lecture. Half classes include 3 to 4 hours of video lecture.

Optional hands-on sessions:

These hands-on sessions give students the opportunity to practice finding the points on live animals (horses and dogs) under the guidance of an instructor. Your teacher will also lead discussion about the points and her experience of using them with clients. Once you are familiar with the point locations, the teacher guides you through acupressure sessions so you can experience how the points work in practice.

Our hands-on sessions are offered only in Switzerland at this time.

Hands-on classes last 2 – 3 hours.


Students also receive written and hands-on homework assignments. Students are required to document their hands-on homework digitally with a camera, mobile phone or similar device. Our assignments help students integrate their classroom experience and build confidence. They also prepare students for their certification exam. All homework assignments can be completed in either English, German or French and sent to the teacher via post or email.

What if I live far away? Can I still earn my certification if I cannot attend the hands-on courses?

We encourage students to take the hands-on courses. They are fun and really build your skills as a bodyworker. But what if you live far away? Not to worry, these classes are not a requirement for certification. If you do not to attend the hands-on classes, we assign extra homework as a requirement for your certificate. You document your extra homework and submit it to the teacher for review. This lets you work toward your certificate from anywhere in the world.

What equipment do I need to participate in the program?

To attend an online class you need a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. A broadband (cable or DSL) connection is recommended. Joining our online courses is as easy as visiting a web site.

For homework assignments you need a camera, mobile phone or other device capable of taking digital photographs. You may submit your homework either by post or email.

I am an active person. I am not sure that I want to spend more time sitting at my computer.

Learning the theory and practice of acupressure requires book and classroom study. Whether you attend a class in person or at your computer, the “seated hours" are about the same.

The great thing with our online format is that you study whenever and wherever you want. Need a break from sitting still in front of the computer? Pause the video lecture and come back later. Eager to get through the lectures quickly so you can get working with the animals? Schedule a concentrated learning phase. Any way you look at it, online classes work for your active lifestyle.

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