Testimonials for the Online Classes

It's GREAT how the online classes work – just a dream! It's fun learning this way.

CB Switzerland

I really enjoyed participating in your online class. I prefer this new class format – it’s very nice to have the videos with the acupoints. Thank you for the new experience.

NG Switzerland

Thank you for the videos for the online class. They are really well done!!

LM Switzerland

The way you prepared the manual and the videos for our online class was really great. I look forward to the next class.

BG Switzerland

Regarding the new online format, I was very happy to be able to participate in the course from my computer at home. It gave me more freedom and allowed me to avoid lots of traveling. What I like about the new classes is having the videos so I can watch them again. When I am unsure about something or when I have a question I can go back - it’s great for review. It is a pleasure to take part in this new experience and I am looking forward to more!

AM Switzerland

Thank you for your online class last week-end. I am soooo impressed! The quality of the videos is very good. It is easy to see and understand what [the teacher] demonstrates on the animals and it is easy to follow her comments.

NS Switzerland

The online course was really good. The theory was easy to understand and very interesting. I like the videos because I can always go back and see them again. Everything worked wonderfully.

SR Switzerland

I really enjoy the new format. The videos are a real plus for me because we can study them whenever we want! In the online discussion group, I like how we can write down our questions [in the side window during the online discussion] without disturbing the speaker. It really works well.

GT Switzerland

Thank you for your online class. During the video lectures and classes, your English sounded perfect and was very understandable to me. I felt really comfortable during the class. A video class is the ideal solution.

At the moment I am very busy because I just started a new job. I am very glad to have your video lectures available so I can study them again when I have the time. As soon as I can I will register for a further course.

RB Switzerland

What I really enjoy [about the new online classes] is that I can study whenever I want. First we learn the theory in the lectures, then you repeat some theory when you show us the points on the animals and it's another repetition during the hands-on session. It's just perfect to really understand the points and the theory.

Just after watching the point demonstration videos, I like to go practice on my horse – it’s perfect! I enjoyed learning in the classroom before but actually I feel like I learn more with the online classes. If I'm tired after listening to the videos for a while, I can stop and start again later. That’s great.

Again, thank you for the quality of your classes. I've studied acupressure for a while with you now and I'm starting to really understand what acupressure is. Everything you have said makes sense now and I just love it ! I'm looking forward to my next course.

LW Switzerland

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