Elemental Acupressure is grateful for all of the kind words we have received from students over the years.

My horse was in ecstasy with new techniques that you showed us.

I really enjoy the new online format. The videos are a real plus for me because we can study them whenever we want!
GT Switzerland

Its GREAT how the online classes work – just a dream! It's fun learning this way.
CB Switzerland

Your course was excellent! Very understandable and easy to learn. I feel confident in taking this home and using it. You are an excellent communicator and made everyone feel very comfortable by addressing each person while speaking to the group. I learned a lot and am inspired. Thank you.

I really enjoyed participating in your online class. I prefer this new class format – it’s very nice to have the videos with the acupoints. Thank you for the new experience.
NG Switzerland

Regarding the new online format, I was very happy to be able to participate in the course from my computer at home. It gave me more freedom and allowed me to avoid lots of traveling. What I like about the new classes is having the videos so I can watch them again. When I am unsure about something or when I have a question I can go back - it’s great for review. It is a pleasure to take part in this new experience and I am looking forward to more!
AM Switzerland

Thanks so much for your courses, they are magic!
EG Switzerland

I can’t imagine a better teacher.
MW Switzerland

In all of your courses I have been so impressed by your presentation. At the end of each day I feel inspired to go home and practice with my own animals and they love it right away! At the end of each course, I know that with practice I can really absorb and integrate the material. It has been a wonderful experience! In fact, I feel like I am learning as much about myself in your classes as I am learning about acupressure. I am really looking forward to studying more with you.
RB Canada

I loved your course! You promoted a relaxed and approachable atmosphere which was great. You also gave us the opportunity to ask as many questions as we wanted which I loved. As you covered the material very thoroughly, we didn’t have to ask many! The content was perfect, lots to think about but not so much as to be overwhelming. The charts were super and I refer to them frequently. We had all of the information we needed and the manual was so well laid out. I think I learned as much about myself as I did the horses, very fascinating and I can’t wait to spend more time with it. Thanks for a super program.
KF Canada

All of the courses I have taken were very varied and interesting. I have never gone home with a negative impression! I didn’t only learn about how to help animals, I also learned a lot about myself.
SK Switzerland

You said at the end of the course that we have to practice regularly so I did. I practiced on my “difficult dog. It lasted nearly 30 minutes and it was incredible. She fell deeply asleep and even started dreaming. Thanks again for this course! I really enjoyed it and my dog did too! I can’t wait to try these new skills on the next dog!
LG Switzerland

Thank you for your inspiring courses! They have helped me a lot in my search for a better understanding of horses, human beings, the world... and myself. I am really looking forward to joining you for more.
CG Switzerland

I took your acupressure course in Calgary, Canada 4 years ago. I am still using the information from that course and constantly refer back to my course materials.
EH Canada

Thank you again for your course. I really enjoyed your presentation and loved how you used understandable words instead of talking over our heads.

Thank you for your great course. I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot too. I especially appreciated your personal attention and energy.

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