Certification Program

In our certification program we teach you how to nourish and sustain an animal’s well being with safe gentle healing techniques. Whether you use acupressure to relieve a sport horse’s back pain or Shiatsu to help an aging dog move more smoothly, Elemental Acupressure teaches you practical and effective ways to help animals feel their best.

In the classes we show you more than just how to press points to relieve symptoms. Students say that our classes reveal a whole new way of looking at animals and themselves. Our goal is to give you a deeper understanding of health, healing and your connection to animals, as well as giving you the practical skills that make that possible.

Our program is open to everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, our classes give you what you need to start a career in animal acupressure. Come join us and let our experienced teachers and lively classes introduce you to a whole new way of working with animals.

New Online Courses! Many of our classes are now taught online. This new format allows you to study acupressure theory from the comfort and convenience of your home. Most classes also offer an optional hands-on session so you can practice your acupressure techniques on-site with our teachers. Here's what students are saying about the new class format.

What will I learn in the certification program?

Acupressure: our curriculum covers over 70 acupressure points, giving you the ability to address a wide range of physical symptoms and behavioral issues in animals.

Shiatsu massage: our full-body Shiatsu routine relieves muscle tension and equalizes energy flow in the animal’s body.

EnergyWork: our practical energetic techniques strengthen your intuition and help you work effectively with healing energy.

Five Element Theory: our Five Element approach identifies patterns of health, illness and behavior in animals. You also learn how to design animal wellness programs that include bodywork, training and handling based on Five Element theory.

Classical Chinese Medicine: our lectures in Chinese Medicine show you how to nurture health and vitality in the twelve inner organs and meridians (energy pathways).

Basic anatomy: our anatomy classes give you a deeper understanding of the body’s structure and movement.

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