Five Element Acupressure for Horses and Small Animals with Susan Tenney, CMT

Private sessions with Susan include:

  • An assessment of your animal's movement, health, performance and behavior from a Five Element perspective

  • A brief EnergyWork assessment of your animal from Jonathan Cohn, CMT (more involved readings are also available as a separate session, see below)

  • A full-body acupressure massage tailored to your animal's specific needs.

  • Instruction in simple hands-on techniques that you can use to extend the benefits of the session

  • Handouts including suggested hands-on follow-up techniques and recommended lifestyle changes (training, diet etc.)

  • Sessions with horses are conducted at your barn. Sessions with small animals can be conducted at your home. We are located in Seattle, WA.

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EnergyWork sessions for People and Animals
with Jonathan Cohn, CMT

Private sessions for animals and their caretakers may include:

  • An EnergyWork assessment to identify energetic patterns of health and behavior according to Five Element theory

  • A relationship reading to clarify issues between a person and an animal or between two animals

  • Consultation regarding practical steps to improve health and behavioral/emotional issues

  • Energetic healing to help harmonize the body, mind and spirit

Private sessions for people: In addition to the above services for animals, Jonathan offers assessment and healing services for people. He is particularly skilled in helping people during times of challenge and great change. Jonathan also offers sessions in Barefoot Shiatsu massage, a gentle and deeply soothing form of Shiatsu performed with the hands, elbows and feet.

Sessions may be conducted in person or over the phone.

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