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Location: Most of our classes are available ONLINE.

Optional Hands On classes in Switzerland: We offer optional hands-on courses taught by our Swiss graduate, Carmen Robert-Tissot. Carmen teaches in French, German, English, or Spanish. Contact us for more information about these wonderful additional classes.

Language: All classes taught by Susan Tenney or Jonathan Cohn will be taught in English.

Classes, course materials, and email replies are offered in English, German or French. Please indicate your language preference when registering.

Certification: A certificate will be awarded to students who complete their required courses, pass the final exam, and satisfactorily complete the required field work.

Previous Study: Have you already taken equivalent courses elsewhere? You may be able to use those courses toward your certificate. Please list your previous course of study, in-field experience etc… on your registration. Class waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


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