Great Points - ST 25 for your Horse's Digestion

ST 25 (Stomach 25) is wonderful for your horse any time there is a digestive issue – diarrhea to impaction colic, acute symptom to chronic condition! It is a great point to have in your acupressure toolbox.

ST 25 is also a Test Point for the large intestine. This means that when gentle pressure on the point makes your horse flinch in pain, it is possible that the guts are not quite right.

Common Sense Caution: Because some digestive issues are life threatening, if this point triggers a strong reaction like biting or kicking, take a closer look at your horse. Is your horse showing signs of digestive trouble? Call the vet before you continue! There is a LOT you can do to ease digestive conditions, especially if you catch the situation early.

Where: (see photo below) ST 25 lies on the belly, to either side of the belly button. On a full sized horse the point lies about 4 finger widths from the center line. Adjust the distance according to your equine’s size. Not sure where your horse’s belly button is? Gently and respectfully feel along the midline in front of the male’s sheath or the mare’s teats. Feel for a small pea-sized bump. This is the belly button. ST 25 lies about a palm’s width to either side.

How: Gently and slowly stimulate ST 25 on both sides of the body with your fingertips. If the point is reactive, release your pressure and simply hold your palm over the point. For a chronic digestive issue, press for 30 to 60 seconds, 1-4 times per week. For a horse with an acute digestive issue, first of all call the vet and consult about using the point while you wait for them to arrive. If the vet gives the go ahead, gently stimulate the point for 45 to 60 seconds, every 15 to 30 minutes or as tolerated by your horse. Continue for a day or two after an acute attack has passed to help the belly recover.

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