Why Animal Acupressure Might Be the Most Awesome 5 Minutes in Your Day

I know,  I know, your life is already too busy. Why bother adding something ELSE to your weekly To-Do list when you are already…

  • struggling to get your dog walked so you can put your kid to bed.
  • wondering if you have enough energy to get out to the barn after an endless day of work.
  • frustrated because you forgot to get cat litter at the store and now you need to make another trip out when what you really want to do is eat dinner in front of Game of Thrones.

I get it. Really I do. Our lives are dizzyingly full and sometimes the demands on our time seem endless.

But what if there was one quick and simple thing you could add to your animal's day that could make her life truly better?

One thing that made a noticeable difference in her health?
… that deepened the bond between you?
… that made your animal happy, relaxed and easier to train?
You'd make time for that, right? Especially if it only took 5 minutes or less?

Animal acupressure is just that thing.

Acupressure is SIMPLE: We can teach you an effective relaxation point in under 5 minutes. Really. Because EVERY animal needs a bit of relaxation once in a while (think vet visits or fireworks…).  And this point works for ANY species!

Acupressure is SAFE: we only teach you points that are totally safe for your animals.

Acupressure is EFFECTIVE: Acupressure WORKS. Touch is nice and all - what animal lover doesn't enjoy giving a pat to their animal. But if acupressure doesn't do much, we'll bet that you won't make it a regular part of your animal's life. So we share points that DO make a difference to your animal's health and behavior. THAT makes it important enough to integrate into your calendar along with your horse's hoof care or your dog's dental care.

And what's more, it only takes a couple of minutes. You can even do it with your animal while watching that episode of Game of Thrones… though you horse folks will need a TV at the barn…

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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