P.O.W. - Fount of Vitality (KI 3) for Dogs

Animals that you bring home from the shelter often come with a bit of emotional baggage. Some are dealing with trauma, others are simply going through challenges related to the radical changes in their lives. Whatever your animals may have seen before you adopted them, they surely would benefit from some support during the transition.

Petey the Chihuahua recently went through changes of his own and acupressure helped him cope. This little dog, only about one year old, had been homeless, then at the shelter, and was now adjusting to living in his new loving adoptive home. While we all know that his new home will be wonderful, Petey was still quiet and unsure of himself – you can see it in his eyes!

Luckily our student, Marcie Lubore in Anna Maria Island, FLA, USA of Healing Touch Equine Therapy (more below in Resources) was on the job for Petey! Marcie was asked to work with her friend’s new dog and she knew it was the perfect time for KI 3, the point we call, Fount of Vitality. This point is a powerful restorative point, relieves fear and anxiety, encourages relaxation, and builds overall vitality – just the perfect thing for this tiny off-the-streets dog. She used this point along with a couple of other relaxation points in their first session. Petey loved their session and Marcie reported that he responded especially well to Fount of Vitality. Of course we were not surprised.

Afterward, Marcie reported great results from her excellent caring work. First of all, Petey loved the session and appeared revived and energized. He even followed her around for the rest of the afternoon at the office, wanting to be at her feet or in her lap (great signs from this insecure dog).

In the days to follow Petey settled in nicely. Originally the caretaker had reported that Petey had not barked a single time in the 10 days he had been at his new home. In the afternoon after his acupressure session, Petey began barking. Looks like he is finding his voice and waking up to his true Chihuahua nature (even if life might be a little noisier ;) ). We love how acupressure played a part in his transformation! Great work, Marcie!

Want to try the Fount of Vitality for your own animals?

Click: bit.ly/KI3dog There are tons of resources here for you including detailed instructions on how to find it on your cat or dog!

Want to contact Marcie and learn more about her lovely work with Equine massage, Acupressure, and Essential Oil Therapy for large and small animals?

You can learn about her work here: www.facebook.com/HealingTouchEquineTherapy

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