P.O.W. - Fount of Vitality (KI 3) for Horses

Back in the early years of my career, I worked at a LOT of endurance races. In these races some of the fittest horses you will ever see, race 100 miles (160k) in one day over tough, even grueling, terrain.

At numerous FEI level races I was fortunate to work with horses from the for the United States Equestrian Team and the Swiss National Team. These horses were spectacular athletes trained skillfully by highly experienced riders and trainers. Sometimes I felt as if these horses were so talented and fit that they basically didn't need my services.

But year after year we saw that horses who received acupressure and massage trained, performed, and recovered better than their counterparts who had no bodywork. In fact my clients who worked with me during the training season were so successful (for many reasons, not only the bodywork!) that over the several years that I worked with them, their completion rate (the percentage who completed the race fit, healthy, and sound) was almost 100% whereas the typical completion rate for races was often around 60%! Clearly we were doing SOMETHING right.

Do you have a similarly hard working horse in your barn? He doesn't need to be capable of racing 100 miles or competing in the Tevis Cup (one of my favorite races to work at!). Most hard working horses will train, perform, and recover better if they receive bodywork. And one of the best points for a working horse is our P.O.W. (Point Of the Week), Fount of Vitality (KI 3).

Last week we saw how Fount of Vitality works great for dogs under stress like Petey who was adjusting to a new home after being rescued from living on the street. This week I want to highlight how Fount of Vitality supports any animal, horse or dog, who is working hard in their "job". This point boosts vitality and builds energy levels. This means it will lend support to a barrel or jumping horse giving her all or to a police dog who is having to stay laser-focused on his job regardless of chaos and distraction around him.

Use the point during training at least once a week for any working horse (more if you want!) that isn't pregnant. You can also use the point during events (like between classes at a show) and then again after (to boost recovery rates). Do it on both sides if possible, holding each point for 30-60 seconds. 

For tons more info on how to work with this point : http://bit.ly/KI3horse

Want to try Fount of Vitality with your horse? Be sure to watch the safety video to know how to work safely on the hind end!

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