P.O.W. Dynamic Balance (Liv 3) for Dogs

Some dogs are known for being happy-go-lucky family dogs, others for their laid back couch potato temperaments. But YOUR dog is not like this! You wanted a full energy dog, one that would be up for  vigorous runs at a moment’s notice. One that would be up for learning challenging skills or diving into big adventures! Or you simply wanted a dog that was crazy SMART and happened to get “high energy” along with the package. (There are CERTAINLY super smart lower energy dogs, but I have heard so many people choose a high-energy high-drive dog to be sure they’d get a dog with a strong active mind.)

These full force qualities are wonderful in a dog. High-energy, high-drive, high intelligence are great parts of living with them. BUT there are challenges too.

Some of these high-drive dogs are also highly competitive and strive to be the leader at EVERY moment – with other dogs and YOU (fine if you are a good leader, not so much if you are not). They may be challenging to work with in the presence of other dogs, may display dominant behavior or even be prone to aggression. (Note I am not talking about fear based aggression here – more the “I’m the boss” type). This can be unnerving and tiring to work with day after day if you simply want to be able to take a calm leisurely walk in the neighborhood.

These dogs may also display impatience frequently, especially when confined or asked to wait patiently. They may obey your command to sit still but feel like a spring waiting to explode into action. And heaven forbid you should want to skip a day of long active walks. Forget it - unless you want a canine cannon ball in your home!

So how do you help your dog chill out? Regular work on Dynamic Balance (Liv 3) can be a lifesaver. Use the point at least once a week (more if you want – daily is optimal!) for any high energy/high drive dog that isn’t pregnant. You can also use the point before outings (like at the dog park or your daily walks) and then again when you get home (to chill out afterward). Do it on both sides if possible, holding each point for 30-60 seconds. As long as your dog enjoys the point, you can do it as often as both of you want.

Want to try P.O.W.! Dynamic Balance (Liv 3) with your dog?

For more info on how to work with this type of temperament : http://bit.ly/WoodElement

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