Healing Those Hooves Part 1 - Acupressure for Acute Laminitis

Laminitis is tough! Use acupressure to get your horse back on her feet.

Heal Those Hoofs Part 2 - Acupressure for Chonic Laminitis

Your horse is past those tough first weeks with acute laminitis. Now read part two of this series to learn what to do to avoid the symptoms from returning.

Aging Gracefully with Acupressure


Use acupressure to improve quality of life and build vitality for the older animal.

Winter Wellness - Acupressure to Help Your Horse Thrive in Cold Weather Months


Does your horse seem to fade as the winter weather starts? Learn points to help him thrive in cold weather months.

Mommy-pressure - Restorative Acupressure for Mares with New Foals


Ask any mom - being pregnant is hard work. Use acupressure to nourish your mare's vitality after the birth.

Acupoints Heart 7 and Pericardium 7

Learn two points that will keep your animal cool and relaxed!

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