Healing from Head to Toe - Shiatsu on the Gall Bladder Meridian


Combine the best of massage and acupressure to practice Shiatsu.

Healing the Healers - Acupressure Gives Back to Therapeutic Riding Horses


Therapy horses work HARD! Lean some acupressure to show your gratitude for these hard working equines.

Kid-friendly Acupressure - Acupressure for Younger Horse Lovers


Build on the natural instinct of kids to touch warm furry animals. Teach them to use acupressure to keep their beloved animals healthy.

Acupressure for the Long Haul - Keeping Your Horse Healthy and Happy During Trailer Travel


Do you regularly trailer your horse in warm weather months? Learn acupressure to help your horse arrive healthy and  happy.


It's Elementary - The Wood Element

Help your dynamic Wood animal stay healthy. Learn how to keep the tendons and eyes healthy and keep those temper tantrums at bay.

It's Elementary - The Fire Element

Help your charismatic Fire animal stay healthy. Learn how to keep the circulatory system and shoulder healthy and keep anxiety at bay.

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