It's Elementary - The Earth Element


Help your steady Earth animal stay healthy. Learn how to keep the digestive system healthy and keep those stubborn moments to a minimum.

It's Elementary - The Metal Element


Help your hard-working Metal animal stay healthy. Learn how to keep the respiratory and immune systems healthy and keep the sparkle in his eye.

It's Elementary - The Water Element

Help your mysterious Water animal stay healthy. Learn how to keep the skeleton healthy and learn the key to living with this unusual character.

Acu Deworming

Learn simple, safe, and effective acupressure for natural parasite management. Natural Horse Magazine featured our article about acupressure deworming for horses. Here's the Acu-Deworming article along with photos to help you locate the points on your horse. Keep your horse parasite free naturally!

Acupoints Small Intestine 9a and Small Intestine 9b

Has your ball-chasing dog developed shoulder pain from his endless jumping and short stops? Does your dressage horse have a short stride in the foreleg that is affecting her scores? Acupressure can help. Small Intestine 9a and 9b are two of the best acupressure points for treating shoulder pain and front leg lameness in animals.

Getting to Know You - 5 Element Acupressure for Your New Horse


Let Five Element theory teach you about that new animal in your life.


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