The Special Touch

The Special Touch
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The Special Touch

The Special Touch Package

Treat your dog to a complete 1-on-1 online consultation with our resident expert!

Customize the general acupressure kit by meeting with Susan Tenney for a Special Touch Session. After your online meeting, Susan will craft a custom kit for your dog with five additional Special Points and a Special Points Mini-Guide.

The Special Touch Package includes

Video Tutorials - our short and simple videos take you through each step

  • How to do acupressure with your dog

  • Demos for finding each point

  • A Relaxing Point Sequence to put it all together

Manuals and Printables - Follow along materials to make learning easy

  • Step-By-Step manual holds your hand every step of the way

  • Checklists and Worksheets for every point to help you learn

  • Quick and Easy Acupressure manual

  • Clear and Simple Point Location photo manual

  • Quick Reference Guide

PLUS your dog's Special Touch Package

  • Laminated Quick Reference Guide
    Want to work with your pet in a quiet place away from all your electronic devices? Our handy, 2 sided, slobber proof Quick Reference Guide puts all the points in one place so you can focus on your pet, not your computer.

  • A 45 minute online consultation with Susan Tenney
    Together we'll meet online to talk about your dog's health, training, feeding, alternative care, behavior… we'll go over it ALL so that Susan has an in-depth understanding of your dog's individual needs. We will provide a recording of your online Special Session.

  • Five Special Points
    Custom points for your dog's individual needs. After your Special Session, Susan will select five additional Special Points to add on to the basic point sequence. You'll also receive a Special Point Mini-Guide so you can learn the points quickly and easily.

  • 30 minute Reiki session
    After selecting your Special Points, we will do a 30 minute Reiki session with your dog. Reiki is like having a distance acupressure session for your dog by veteran practitioner, Susan Tenney.

  • Stay in touch
    We are here to help! Email your questions or send us a video. We'll take a look and offer helpful tips.

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